mawdryn24's Journal

27 December 1982
To start off with, I'm a bit eccentric and hard to pin down - I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. I like to try everything at least once (as long as it's not harmful) and I've always been able to teach myself any skill I've ever found an interest in. I'm prone to moments of random madness and love to play elaborate jokes, some taking days to set up, and I'm the king of multitaskers, probably even more so if I had extra arms and legs. I am absolutely addicted to watching science fiction and writing fan fiction based on my favorite movies and TV shows. I can learn foreign languages like drinking water, can spot nearly all the flubs in a film the first time I watch it, able to think up an entire novel while listening to a lecture and taking notes at the same time - BUT, ask me to close my eyes and tell me to describe what I'm wearing, I'll not be able to! I'm focused only on important things, after all.

-Such is the mind of Mawdryn, the original internet mental case; here's hoping to find fellow psychotics and outsiders on Live Journal.

- Must go now - Peter Davison's caught me messing about in his TARDIS again ~ Cheers